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Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

ON THIS DAY of the 91st birthday of John Coltrane, we here recall one of the most outstanding collaborations of two artistic geniuses in history: Miles Davis and John Coltrane. In this memorable April 1959 session, the Davis Quintet (Davis, trumpet; Coltrane, tenor sax; Wynton Kelly, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums – they are joined briefly towards the end by a group of trombonists who are part of the brass section of an orchestra to perform with Davis on a separate date) is playing “So what” . Davis’s solo is sensuously crisp and achingly fragile, with every single note played literally justifying its being… This is sheer beauty. Coltrane takes over and it is fascinating how, in his intro, he acknowledges the delicacy of the mood already established by Davis but confronts the question posed by the title of the composition by pitching his stall on a different plane – with those unmistakable torrents of notes, his “sheets of sound”, that mark his signature. As he takes his break, the usually reticent Davis is seen swaying to the beat as his tenorist soars. Kelly reorders the tempo, once again, as he contributes to the debate on piano and of course the irrepressible Chambers on bass (who had just turned 24!) and drummer Cobb are all redefining the state of African American classical music at such a crucial epoch in US and world history. For an excellent book on the working relationship between Miles and Trane, I recommend Farrah Jasmine Griffin and Salim Washington, Clawing at the limits of cool: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and the greatest jazz collaboration ever (New York: St Martin’s & Thomas Dunn Books, 2008).


91st birthday of John Coltrane

(Born 23 September 1926, Hamlet, NC, United States)
ICONOCLASTIC tenor (and soprano) saxophonist and composer who, arguably, has had the most profound impact on the development of jazz, African American classical music, in the past 50 years
(John Coltrane Quartet, “Impressions” [personnel: Coltrane, tenor saxophone; McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Elvin Jones, drums; recorded: live, Jazz Casual Productions {host: Ralph Gleason}, 7 December 1963])

Friday, 22 September 2017

Preliminary estimates of body count from genocidist Muhammadu Buhari-ordered massacre of unarmed Igbo youth in Biafra on 14 September, 2017: “over 400 dead” (report filed Friday 22 September 2017)

By A Correspondent, Aba, 1146HRS, September 22, 2017
HARD NUMBERS on the victims of the on-going military crackdown ordered by Nigeria’s genocidist president Muhammadu Buhari have started to trickle in.

Pieces of information made available to this correspondent on the casualties of victims of the September 14, 2017 massacre of unarmed Igbo youth in just the Abia state administrative areas alone are staggering. 

The numbers that are still being compiled by field investigators who are nowhere close to the middle of their painful forensic undertaking indicate that more than 800 (eight hundred) casualties of the massacre that took place in the Afara Ibeku, Umuahia country residence of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, and its environs include “over 400 dead, 400 terminally wounded and thousands arrested and detained indefinitely in undisclosed locations without charge”.

According to the source, “investigators have recovered over 88 corpses of Igbo youths from in and around Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s residence in Afara, Umuahia … executed by Nigerian security agencies in the night of 14 September, 2017 alone”.

Eye witnesses report that “35 dead bodies” were removed by the soldiers from the scene following their brazen massacre.  The tactic of quickly removing the bodies of their victims is indicative of the systematic and premeditated orders that soldiers who were deployed to carry out this massacre were handed by their superiors ahead of and preparatory for their deployment.

This correspondent learned that field investigators, who are still busy at work, are compiling the list of casualties in the September 14, 2017 massacre that took place in the nearby city of Aba and the other locations in the Abia state administrative area.

IT IS ON record that the governor of Abia state, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, is already implicated in the previous acts of extrajudicial executions and massacre of unarmed, non-violent agitators for a Referendum for self-determination by Igbo youth carried out by Muhammadu Buhari’s forces, known to have taken place in the Abia state area since 2015.  Dr Ikpeazu’s name is on the list of 16 individuals who have been named in the Tort suit filed in a Washington, DC, US federal court on behalf of victims by Attorney Bruce Fein’s law firm.  Also named in that suit is General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, who is also Buhari’s army chief, and 14 others.

The sources that interfaced with this correspondent cautioned that these numbers of victims of the massacre are best taken as estimates because the field investigations that are still underway are also in their early stages.

1st anniversary of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law publication on a spate of murders of Igbo people in Biafra by genocidist Nigeria occupation forces covering the period May 2016-September 2016

THIS REPORT (at link below) on the stretch of pogroms of Igbo people across Biafra by genocidist Nigeria’s Hausa-Fulani/islamists-led military occurred between May 2016 and September 2016 (not May 2017 and September 2017) was issued by the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law human rights group on 22 September 2016. The cataclysmic tenor of this genocide is clearly evident for any conscientious genocide student who observes that just changing the May and September designated dates here to 2017 – in other words focussing on current times, automatically brings forth a template of unchanging geographical arena for the perpetration of this crime against humanity but with worse deleterious outcomes.

(Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe)


Thursday, 21 September 2017

FWD: Bruce Fein reflects on genocidist Nigeria’s head of regime Muhammadu Buhari’s Tuesday 19 September 2017 so-called address to the UN general assembly, New York, US (Huffington Post, Thursday 21 September 2017)

(Bruce Fein ... influential constitutional scholar)

BRUCE FEIN,  “Nigerian dictator Buhari’s U.N. hypocrisies”, Huffington Post, Thursday 21 September 2017 (accessed 21 September 2017)


108th birthday of Kwame Nkrumah

(Born 21 September 1909, Nkroful, Ghana)
INFLUENTIAL philosopher and theorist of an encompassing African World*consciousness and first president of contemporary Ghana, July 1960, following the 6 March 1957 restoration-of-independence after a century of the British conquest, occupation and immiseration
*Africans in Africa continent, Europe, the Americas, the MiddleEast, Asia, Australasia, wherever else on earth
(Jackie McLean Sextet, “Appointment in Ghana” [personnel: McLean, alto saxophone; Blue Mitchell, trumpet; Tina Brooks, tenor saxophone; Kenny Drew, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Art Taylor, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US, 1 September 1960])

81st birthday of Sunny Murray

(Born 21 September 1936, Idabel, Oklahoma, US)
ONE OF LEADING innovative jazz drummers in the 1950s/1960s who frees the drums from the “traditional” time-keeping role in the music ensemble, with the drums now engaging more proactively and continuously in multiple-centred dialogues with other instruments whose soloists resultantly feel less inhibited by time in their own creative enterprise
(Albert Ayler Trio, “Ghosts – first variation” [personnel: Ayler, tenor saxophone; Gary Peacock, bass; Sunny Murray, drums; recorded: ESP-Disk, New York, 10 July 1965]) 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

84th birthday of Emmanuel Obiechina

(Born 20 September 1933, Nkpo, Biafra)
Pioneering and distinguished scholar of the historic *Onicha market literature genre and versatile literary critic and one of the leading Igbo intellectuals who defends Igbo people resolutely during the Igbo genocide (phases I-III, 29 May 1966-12 January 1970) by Nigeria and its suzerain state Britain in which 3.1 million Igbo or 25 per cent of the population are murdered by the genocidists; this is the foundational genocide of post-(European)conquest Africa
*(river port city in Biafra Oshimiri Delta)
(Charles Mingus Sextet – with Eric Dolphy, Cornell University 1964, “Meditations” [personnel: Mingus, bass; Johnny Coles, trumpet; Dolphy, flute, bass clarinet; Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone; Jaki Byard, piano; Dannie Richmond, drums; recorded: live, Cornell University, 18 March 1964]) 

61st birthday of Steve Coleman

(Born 20 September 1956, Chicago, US)
INTENSELY CREATIVE alto saxophonist and composer who categorises his music (as well as that of Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Sam Rivers and other masters) as “spontaneous composition
(Dave Holland Quintet, “Homecoming” – featuring Steve Coleman [personnel: Holland, bass; Kenny Wheeler, fluegelhorn; Robin Eubanks, trombone; Coleman, alto saxophone; Marvin “Smithy” Smith, drums; recorded: live, Zelt-Musik Festival, Freiburg, Germany 31 March 1986])

Sunday, 17 September 2017

FWD: Bruce Fein, influential constitutional scholar, on Muhammadu Buhari, genocidist Nigeria’s head of regime, Huffington Post, Sunday 17 September 2017

(Bruce Fein ... influential constitutional scholar)

BRUCE FEIN, “United Nations lends megaphone to genocide military dictator Buhari”, Huffington Post, Sunday 17 September 2017: (accessed 17 September 2017)


95th birthday of Agostinho Neto

(Born 17 September 1922, ĺcolo e Bengo, Angola)
Physician, poet, co-founder of Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola, Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, and first African president of Angola, November 1975, after the people’s victory terminating 400 years of the Portuguese conquest, occupation and immiseration
(Sonny Clark Trio – with Max Roach and George Duvivier, Rare session [41.46 mins] includes  “Minor meeting”, “Nica”, “Sonny’s crib”, “Blues blue” and “My conception” [personnel: Clark, piano; Duvivier, bass; Roach, drums; recorded: AllMusic, New York, US, 23 March 1960])

Indigenous People of Biafra

THE Indigenous People of Biafra, led by Nnamdi Kanu, is constituted integrally in the Biafra freedom movement which campaigns peacefully for the restoration-of-independence of the 50 million indigenous people of Biafra. This is the most peaceful freedom movement in Africa and one of the very few of its kind across the entire South World – Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America. It will stop 51 years of the Igbo genocide by genocidist Nigeria/co-genocidist state Britain (29 May 1966-present day) and will free Biafra from 47 years of occupation (since 13 January 1970) by these dual states. Finally, it will work assiduously to prosecute all individuals and institutions involved in the Igbo genocide since its 29 May 1966 launch, including those involved in the ongoing unimaginable stretch of programmed savagery perpetrated in Biafra by the Nigeria genocidist military-led Hausa-Fulani/islamists.  
(Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe)
(John Coltrane Quartet, “Acknowledgement” {part-I of A Love Supreme suite} [personnel: Coltrane, tenor saxophone; McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Elvin Jones,  drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US, 9 December 1964])
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Saturday, 16 September 2017


Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

IF ANYONE, anywhere in the world, ever doubted the sheer savagery of the Hausa-Fulani/islamist-led Nigeria genocidist military in its 51 years of campaign to destroy the resourceful and resilient Igbo people of Biafra, the internet and other media are deluged, presently, with awfully distressing videos, still shots and other recorded accounts of its ongoing scorched-earth operations in Biafra that capture its dreadful portraiture. This is an unrelentingly sustained terrorism in real time operation to overrun the Biafra freedom movement, the most peaceful of its kind in Africa and one of the very few in the South World, by a state’s military, not “non-state”, that immanently privileges its jihadist history and geography and worldview. This state and military are equipped and reequipped by Britain which created both for its service in perpetuity

As I have argued severally, the priority of the Biafra government on the morrow of the restoration-of-independence is to inaugurate the construction of a civilisation where Igbo life, human life, fundamentally, is sacrosanct. This salient feature cannot be overstressed, given the sickening pictures of Nigeria’s acts of depravity of recent days. Nigeria has been, for the Igbo, a haematophagous monster throughout its history. In contradistinction, Biafra is a realisation, a profound reclamation of that which makes us all human and part of humanity

BIAFRA is the beacon of the tenacity of the spirit of human-overcoming of the most desperate, unimaginably brutish Hausa-Fulani/islamist forces and all that they represent.
(John Coltrane & Don Cherry, “Focus on sanity” [personnel: Coltrane, tenor saxophone; Cherry, pocket trumpet; Percy Heath, bass; Ed Blackwell, drums; recorded: Atlantic Studios, New York, US, 28 June/8 July 1960])
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Friday, 15 September 2017

Surely, there is no hierarchisation of evil – unconscionably contrasting responses to Nigeria genocidist military outrage in Biafra and the Myanmar military operation on Rohingya people in Myanmar’s Rakhine region

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

THERE HAS BEEN a commendable worldwide criticism of the Myanmar military for its operation in the country’s southwest Rakhine region where the Rohingya people, predominantly muslim, live. Nearly 400,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh to escape the increasing violence.

In contrast, the world has remained unconscionably silent over the Nigeria genocidist military campaign in (occupied) Biafra where it has murdered 2000 Biafrans since October 2015. The Nigeria state, created by Britain, is headed by Hausa-Fulani/islamists and its military engaged in the genocide in Biafra is led by a phalanx of senior islamist operatives. In the past week alone, hundreds of Biafrans have been murdered in scorched-earth operations mounted by the Nigerians who have laid siege on all Biafran cities and towns (including especially Enuugwu, Onicha, Asaba, Oka, Aba, Orlu, Okigwe, Owere, Igwe Ocha, Abakeleke, Umuahia, Owere, Afaraukwu-Ibeku) in response to the Biafra freedom, restoration-of-independence movement. The Biafra freedom movement is totally peaceful, the most peaceful of its kind in Africa and one of the very few anywhere in the South World.

World stop Igbo genocide now

The world must now wake up from its inexcusable slumber over the Igbo genocide and condemn genocidist Nigeria unreservedly. This condemnation must also extend to Britain, the co-genocidist state in this crime right from its original launch date on 29 May 1966, which is the principal exporter of the array of weapons the Nigerian enforcers employ in their slaughter of the Igbo. In this case, it is indeed not without significance that the current phase of the genocide (beginning Sunday 10 September 2017) was mounted shortly after the July/August 2017 visits to Nigeria by Tony Blair (a former British prime minister) and Boris Johnson (current British foreign secretary).  

THE WORLD must at once stop the Igbo genocide and the occupation of Biafra and support the Biafra freedom movement’s programmed process of a referendum to determine the democratic choice of 50 million Biafrans. All those involved in this crime against humanity, the foundational genocide of post-(European) conquest Africa, must be arraigned and prosecuted forthwith in designated international courts. The genocidists murdered 3.1 million Igbo people, 25 per cent of the population during phases I-III of the crime, 29 May 1966-12 January 1970, and tens of thousands of additional Igbo during phase-IV which has been ongoing since its launch date on 13 January 1970. The whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, are presently unknown since the genocidists stormed his Afaraukwu-Ibeku (east Biafra) family home yesterday (Thursday 14 September 2017), murdering a yet undisclosed number of relatives and others therein and abducting his parents.
(George Russell Sextet, “Nardis” {composer: Miles Davis} [personnel: Russell, piano; Don Ellis, trumpet; Dave Baker, trombone; Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet; Steve Swallow, bass; Joe Hunt, drums; recorded: Riverside Records, New York, 8 May 1961])
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54th anniversary of bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama, US

(...part of the 16th Street Baptist Church Birmingham after the bombing...)
IN THIS terrorist attack on 15 September 1963, described by Martin Luther King as “one of the most vicious and tragic crimes ever perpetrated against humanity”, four girls are murdered and 22 other congregants sustain varying levels of injury
(John Coltrane Quartet, “Alabama” [personnel: Coltrane, tenor saxophone; McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Elvin Jones, drums; recorded: live, Jazz Casual Productions {host: Ralph Gleason}, 7 December 1963])

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Igbo genocide – May 1966-September 2017

TO UNDERSTAND the politics of the Igbo genocide, 29 May 1966-14 September 2017, and the politics of the staggeringly failed efforts particularly in certain sectors in academia and media to confront the crass barbarism of this genocide and consequences is to have an invaluable insight into the salient features and constitutive indices of politics across Africa in the past 51 years.
(Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe)
(John Coltrane Quintet, “To be” [personnel: John Coltrane, flute; Pharaoh Sanders, flute, piccolo, tambourine; Alice Coltrane, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Rashied Ali, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US, 15 February 1967])
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

To heads of administrative regions Abia, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi, Enuugwu, Imo and Rivers of genocidist Nigeria-occupied Biafra: Condemn the ongoing barbarism by the genocidists or resign

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

AS THE heads of administrative regions of occupied Biafra and the rest of the world are fully aware, the fiendish genocidist Nigeria occupation military in Biafra has laid siege on Nnamdi Kanu’s home in Afaraukwu-Ibeku, east Biafra, since Sunday 10 September 2017. During the course of this crass barbarism, several Biafrans have been murdered and wounded by the genocidists.

Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, the most peaceful freedom movement of its kind in Africa presently and one of the very few across the South World. The 50 million Biafrans peacefully campaign for the restoration of their independence. This right to freedom is inalienable and it is for all peoples; neither history nor geography limits this right. Genocidist Nigeria, led by Hausa-Fulani/islamists, and its co-genocidist suzerain state Britain murdered 3.1 million Igbo or 25 per cent of this nation’s population during phases I-III of the genocide, 29 May 1966-12 January 1970, and tens of thousands of additional Igbo since its launch of phase-IV of the genocide, 13 January 1970-Present Day, which coincides with the direct occupation of Biafra. Biafrans will free themselves despite the catastrophe of genocide and occupation.

MOST SHOCKINGLY, there has been a deafening silence from the six heads of regions of occupied Biafra over the sheer savagery waged on their citizens, their very own people, by genocidist Nigeria. Why? Why? Why?

These heads of regions must condemn at once the ongoing attacks on their people and demand the total withdrawal of all Nigeria genocidist forces and adjuncts (including especially Fulani militia) from Biafra. Alternatively, they should resign for failure/inability to protect the citizens within their administrative briefs. Silence is definitely not an option. On the contrary, silence, as a response to this outrage, amounts to complicity.

Genocide is a crime against humanity. Consequently, there is no statute of limitations in international law for the apprehension, prosecution and punishment of all those involved/assisting in the execution of this crime.
(Alice Coltrane Quartet, “Lord, help me to be” [personnel: Coltrane, piano; Pharoah Sanders, tenor saxophone; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Ben Riley, drums; recorded: Coltrane home studio, Dix Hills, New York, US, 29 January 1968]) 

132nd birthday of Alain Locke

(Born 13 September 1885, Philadelphia, US)
DISTINGUISHED philosopher and prolific multidisciplinary scholar aptly described by Martin Luther King as one of the preeminent philosophers that “came through the universe”, dean of the 1920s-1930s Harlem Renaissance
(Ornette Coleman Quartet, “WRU” {or Wit and its Relation to the Unconscious – Sigmund Freud}
[personnel: Coleman, alto saxophone; Don Cherry, pocket trumpet; Scott LaFaro, bass; Ed Blackwell, drums; recorded: Atlantic Studios, New York, US, 31 January 1961])
(Ornette Coleman Quartet, “C & D” {or Civilization and its Discontents – Sigmund Freud}[personnel and recording details: as in above])

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

93rd birthday of Amilcar Cabral

(Born 12 September 1924, Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau)
Agricultural engineer, outstanding theorist and philosopher of the national liberation resistance (see, particularly, Amilcar CabralRevolution in Guinea, 1970 and Cabral, Return to the Source, 1973) and founder of  Partido Africano da Independência da Guiné e CaboVerdeAfrican Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, that frees Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde in 1974 from 500 years of the Portuguese conquest, occupation and immiseration
(Lee Morgan Sextet, “Search for the new land” [personnel: Morgan, trumpet; Wayne Shorter, tenor saxophone; Herbie Hancock, piano; Grant Green, guitar; Reggie Workman, bass; Billy Higgins, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US, 15 February 1964])

Monday, 11 September 2017

As a genocidist Nigeria occupation military unit attacks Nnamdi Kano’s family home in Afaraukwu-Ibeku, east Biafra, murdering 3 people and wounding scores of others, Sunday 10 September 2017 pm, a reminder of the epitaph of this cesspool of a state created by Britain and called “Nigeria” and run on its behalf by a kakistocratic amalgam led by Hausa-Fulani/islamists

Nigeria: frighteningly degenerative slump politically, economically, intellectually, socially, morally, spiritually
(Mal Waldron Quartet, “Hymn from the inferno” [personnel: Waldron, piano; Clifford Jordan, tenor saxophone; Cecil McBee, bass; Dannie Richmond, drums; recorded: Vanguard Studios, New York, US, 15 August 1981]) 
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Saturday, 9 September 2017

90th birthday of Elvin Jones

(Born 9 September 1927, Pontiac, Michigan, United States)
RENOWNED drummer and member of the classic John Coltrane Quartet, 1960-1965 (Coltrane, tenor and soprano saxophones; McCoy Tyner, piano; Jimmy Garrison, bass; Jones, drums), who provides the polyrhythmic anchor for the ensemble’s restless stretch of creativity, and whose duet passages with Coltrane in many a performance of compositions, during the period, are opportunities for profound commentaries and analyses on pertinent subjects of both US domestic and international affairs
(John Coltrane Quartet, “One down, One up”: in this composition which has Coltrane’s longest solo recorded [26 minutes], pianist Tyner and bassist Garrison create the space at approximately 13.13 minutes into the saxophonist’s solo for 13 minutes of one of the most breathtaking of duets – between Coltrane and Jones [personnel: Coltrane, tenor saxophone; Tyner, piano; Garrison, bass; Jones, drums; recorded: live, The Half Note, New York, US, 28 March 1965])

Friday, 8 September 2017

86th birthday of Marion Brown

(Born 8 September 1931, Atlanta, US)
DISTINGUISHED lyrical alto saxophonist, composer, and academic, with a distinct Youngesque-low-key seemingly effortless tone who is the second altoist (besides John Tchicai) in the historic 11-person ensemble that plays on John Coltrane’s composition, Ascension (June 1965)


There is no #occupationregime anywhere else in the #world that #murders #people it occupies as #genocidistNigeria #ritualistically does in #Biafra. Not even #ISIS in #Syria or #Iraq… #Denounce #genocidistNigeria #Campaign #against #genocidistNigeria ... #FreeBiafra


Nigerian regime begins to move heavy military weaponry into Igboland from the north (Thursday 7 September 2017)

By A Correspondent, Enuugwu, 1952HRS, September 7, 2017

TODAY September 7, 2017, the genocidist Nigerian regime, headed by ailing genocidist trooper Muhammadu Buhari, moved in more than ten pieces of heavy motorized military hardware and weaponry from the Caliphate north into Igboland. The motorized trailer convoy bearing the weapons and hardware and soldier escorts were sighted as they snaked their way into the regional capital, Enuugwu at around 5:45pm. The convoy which came on the Makurdi-Nsukka-Enuugwu trunk road followed back streets into the city.

They were sighted as they made their entry when dusk was already descending on the city on a rain-drenched day. The timing is probably intentional to avoid many eye witnesses in the bustling city.

The convoy then made its way to the part of Abakaliki Road where the army’s 82 Division formation outpost is located, where it parked alongside the road in line and waited. The escorts fanned out along it and kept close watch. It is still there at about 6:45pm when this correspondent took leave of the place to file this report after driving past it a number of times.

Since the convoy did not drive right into the sprawling grounds of the outpost that lays on the opposite sides of that portion of Abakaliki Road, the likelihood is that the weaponry and hardware will continue its journey later this night to the parts of the Igbo heartland where they will be deployed.

THIS CORRESPONDENT was alarmed by one of the soldier-escorts who jumped down when the convoy got to the junction of the back street and Abakaliki Road and lifted his assault rifle and aimed it at motorists driving on the opposite direction. Although his intention was clearly to stop traffic to make way for his convoy to join the main highway, the tactic of aiming his assault rifle at motorists is not only frightening. It was also indicative of the wanton bestial disregard of the Igbo by elements of the Hausa-Fulani dominated Nigeria military.

Poor visibility due to the descending dusk incapacitated efforts by this correspondent to capture clear video and still pictures of the convoy on a telephony device.

IT IS ON record that upon his return from an extended medical tourism in the UK, Buhari gave the military specific orders to crush the ongoing agitation for the actualization of the Republic of Biafra in the southeast in a referendum

Thursday, 7 September 2017

FWD: Catalonian parliament passes referendum bill, Wednesday 6 September 2017

THE parliament of Catalonia has passed the referendum bill, setting Sunday 1 October 2017 as referendum date to decide restoration-of-independence for 7.5 million Catalonian people who have been part of the state of Spain for centuries. Parliamentary decision vote is 72 in favour of referendum with 11 abstentions.


87th birthday of Sonny Rollins

(Born 7 September 1930, New York, US)
ONE OF THE preeminent tenor saxophonists of all time, composer of leading jazz standards including “St Thomas”, “Oleo” and “Doxy”, and composer of  “Tenor madness” where he engages in that historic dialogue with fellow tenor master John Coltrane
(Sonny Rollins Quartet and John Coltrane, “Tenor madness” – with that historic dialogue between the great two tenorists [personnel: Rollins, tenor saxophone {takes second solo before the engaging dialogue with Trane!}; Coltrane, tenor saxophone {takes first solo}; Red Garland, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Philly Joe Jones, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, US, 24 May 1956])
(Sonny Rollins Quintet, “Decision” [personnel: Rollins, tenor saxophone, Donald Byrd, trumpet; Wynton Kelly, piano; Gene Ramey, bass; Max Roach, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, US, 16 December 1956])
(Sonny Rollins Trio, “The freedom suite” [personnel: Rollins, tenor saxophone; Oscar Pettiford, bass; Max Roach, drums; recorded: Riverside Records, New York, US, 7 March 1958) 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

114th birthday of Cornelius Coffey

(Born 6 September 1903, Newport, Arkansas, US)
FIRM, determined, resilient, self-taught aviator after admission-rejections from flying schools because he is African America, co-founder with his wife Willa Brown of Chicago’s Coffey aeronautical school (1938) which soon becomes part of the country’s civilian pilot training programme and trains many African American pilots and technicians who later  pursue careers in both civil aviation and the military, continues flying well into his 80s
(Tina Brooks Sextet, “Back to the tracks” [personnel: Brooks, tenor saxophone; Blue Mitchell, trumpet; Jackie McLean, alto saxophone; Kenny Drew, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Art Taylor, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, US, 1 September 1960)